Here’s The Research We Did To Uncover The Best Website Builders:

Something I want to make clear before we begin is I don’t make any money from recommending these website builders.

My goal instead is to provide an unbiased review, by signing up to each website and using them as a real customer from start to finish.

Here’s is what I did to make this happen:

#1 Signed up with to a total of 25 website builders
(Most website builders have a freemium model which was used)
We searched the internet for many website builders to ensure that our reviews were unbiased and well rounded. We didn’t just want to review the same ones but we wanted to make our own decisions so we started with 25 and out of these we gave you our top 10.

#2 Created a simple test website.
… After signing up with them, I decided to make a quick ‘10 minute’ website. I was strict with the amount of time used when reviewing each website builder so everyone was compared on an even playing field.

#3 Viewed websites side by side to compare the quality of appearance, speed and overall visual aesthetics.
I utilized a third party web design community of judges to give the most unbiased thoughts on each website.

#3 Monitored each site’s uptime and page speed tests.
Over a period of 30 days I monitored my websites uptime and page load times via tool. Also I did page speed tests by Google developers to determine which was the best according to Google -

#4 Uncovered the TRUE cost of each website builder.
I uncovered many deceptive billing practices which include low introductory prices, or letting you create your website but no mobile website included, or even some would not allow you to publish until you paid. These days shady practices are becoming harder and harder to spot so I did the legwork to uncover these for you.